Recently Acquired + mp3s

New stuff since the last time . . .

BEAR HANDSWhat A Drag 7″ (cantora) – 1,000 pressed on White vinyl, b/w “Can’t Stick ‘Em”. Download “What A Drag” here (Cantora).

DUM DUM GIRLSBhang Bhang I’m A Burnout 7″ (slumberland) – Dum Dum Girls temporarily jump on Slumberland to release this single, but they are still on Sub Pop. The B-side is a Misfits cover of “Last Caress”. Download a mp3 of “Bhang Bhang . . .” from Slumberland here.

JOHN WESLEY COLEMANBad Lady Goes to Jail LP (goner) – aka New Record, Golden Boys member and Austin resident, John Wesley Coleman releases his follow up to Steal My Mind. Garage blues goodness about bad Christian drivers, basketball, cops, friends and getting high. Guest musicians include: Orville Neely from Bad Sports/OBN III, Matt Hammer of OBN III on drums and Jose Boyer from Harlem. Record sleeve doubles as liner notes and lyrics sheet.

V/A – Slovenly Sampler (slovenly)- I completely forgot to mention this ages ago, but its an insanely extensive two-part  compilation from underground garage/punk label Slovenly (Reno, NV). Part One of the Sampler is 44 tracks and Part 2 is 11 tracks; artists such as Black Lips, Black Jaspers (aka King Khan), Hipshakes, Reigning Sound, The Spits, Subsonics and tons more. Download from Slovenly.