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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased or given to POF.

BOB LOG IIIMy Shit Is Perfect 12″ (voodoo rhythm) European edition of his latest release. Alternative cover. MP3 of “My Shit is Perfect“.

MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT/KENOMASplit 12″ (gilead media/translation loss) Light blue splatter vinyl, limited to 1000 copies in three different color pressing. Contains one epic 17-minute track by MOTA and 2 tracks on the B-side by Kenoma.

ROYAL CITYS/T (asthmatic kitty) Folk rock from Toronto. “A Belly Was made for Wine” mp3. Comes out at the end of June.

YOUNG WIDOWS/MELT BANANA Split 7″ (temporary residence ltd) Second in a series of four splits by Young Widows and friends. No. 3 will feature Pelican and My Disco appears on no. 4.

ZOROASTER Zoroaster 12″ (kreation) Black and gold splatter on white limited to 250 copies.

ZOROASTER Dog Magic (battle kommand) 2nd album.

ZOROASTER Voice of Saturn (terminal doom) Atlanta trio’s third full-length, released in late 2008.