Recently Acquired: (post-sxsw) + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.

AWESOME COLOR Massa Hypnos (ecstatic peace) – Detroit psychedelic punk act touring this April with Hair Polices; making a Dallas stop on April 29th at the Lounge on Elm St.

BLACKTUSK & ASGLow Country (hyperrealist / volcom) – Four contributions from ASG and three from Blacktusk. Produced by Phillip Cope of Kylesa.

BLISSED OUTSecrets 12” (tropical fantasy) – Fuzzy electro-noise duo recorded four live songs at the Silent Barn for this release. 350 pressed, includes two-sided insert. Download TWO MP3s at Impose Magazine.

DUM DUM GIRLSI Will Be 12” (hozac/sub pop) – HoZac edition of their Sub Pop debut. 800 pressed.

LITURGYImmortal Life 12″ (infinite limbs) Pure Transcendental Black Metal debut.

LOVE IS ALL2010 Injuries (polyvinyl) Swedish pop group’s third full length is pretty awesome if you like the sound of Fiery Furnaces and Deerhoof blended with enthusastic instrumentation. MP3 of “Kungen

NAAMKingdom 12” (tee pee) – Three song EP.

POCAHAUNTEDMake It Real 12” (not not fun) “Make It Real collects seven of the band’s 2009 live staples for a 40-minute-ish collage of basement body music, garage dub damage, outsider funkadelic sprawl, voodoo rhythm workouts, duo femme soul vocal dynamics, dripping gold sweat, and dream fulfillment.”-nnf 500 pressed

SISTERSGlue (self)– Three song self release ep.

TINSEL TEETHPink Eye (nail in the coffin)

U.S. CHRISTMAS Eat the Low Dogs LP (im better than everyone/neurot) – Double LP of their stunning masterpiece, hand numbered out of 400.

VIBESPsychic 7” (not not fun) – Four songs; side project of Pocahaunted. Comes with a revolutionary manifesto insert. 400 pressed.

WET HAIRGlass Fountain 12” (not not fun) – Art pop duo’s 2nd album. 600 (400 on opaque lavender vinyl, 200 on black)

WHITE MICEHemosexualrodentaldamnatalcare((of the FUTURD))0 (hung like a horse) – Cassette of b-sides, rarities and outtakes that were originally released as a European Tour CD.

WITHERED – Memento Mori (lifeforce) Inital release by these furious metal heads: “mammoth death metal meets sludge assault.”

Sup Pop BONUS:::::::::::::::::::
by Nick Rallo

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni BaSpeak Fula (sub pop)  Do you know what a ngoni is? Neither did I until I heard this album. It’s a lute, and Bassekou Kouyate makes you want to pick one up. This album captures his stunning ngoni talents and his ability to rock, Mali-style.

Album LeafA Chorus of Storytellers (sub pop) On tour with Sea Wolf in May, these hyper-serious, worldly Californians are still putting out the haunting stuff. I like “There is a Wind” for walking in slow motion.

The Ruby SunsFight Softly (sub pop) – Why don’t you have this album? You should because it’s really oddball, like Vampire Weekend had sex with some surreal dream and made a baby band.

Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore Dear Companion (sub pop) The Coen Brothers would enjoy this album in their new version of True Grit. The album oscillates between jazz-pleasant folk and soaring, McCartney-esque rock.

Retribution Gospel Choir2 (sub pop) Low members ‘duded’ out to form a heavy riffing rock opus. Sort of wishes to be the beating heart, directness of Pink Floyd or some 90’s whack off. They sort of succeed doing both.