Recently Acquired: RSD Edition

Everything below, except those noted with and *asterisk, were Record Store Day purchases last Saturday at Good Records.

The CRIBS/The THERMALSSplit 7” (kill rock stars)

*DEAD MEADOWThree Kings Cd & DVD (artificial army) – The band releases the obligatory live album with a few new tracks and an accompanying DVD. The DVD, “Three Kings” follows the members on a spiritual and psychedelic journey through the fields, deserts and shady parts of the underworld.

*DISFEAR & DOOMRIDERSSplit 7” (deathwish) – 2008 split on Cream & Black vinyl. Sleeve doubles as a fairly large poster.

DUM DUM GIRLS & MALE BONDINGSplit 7” (sub pop) – Features “Pay for Me” by Dum Dum Girls and “Before It’s Gone” by Male Bonding. 2,250 pressed

FUCKED UPDaytrotter 7” (matador) – 11 variant covers for Record Store Day. I found 6. More info.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYShampoo/Alien 7” (sub pop) – Pressed in a run of 1,750 copies.

V/A – Trouble In Mind Records – 4-Way Covers Split 7” – Label release of four covers by Ty Segall (doing Bob Segar), CoCoComa, The White Wires and Charlie & The Moonhearts. White vinyl, 1,000 pressed and hand-numbered.