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POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


Recently Acquired: Thanksgiving Edition + mp3s

I am thankful that I got to over-indulge the past few days.

BAD SPORTSS/T 12″ (douchemaster) – I thought this was on colored vinyl. I got lame black.

BARONESSBlue Record (relapse) – Unsure why I didn’t pick this up sooner, but while I dig selected tracks off the Red Album, this is overall a better release.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACREOne (a) – Fourth and final release from Anton in 2009, at least this is actually new material.

CHRISTMAS ISLANDDemos (?) – Three tracks, two are on Blackout Summer (inthered).

CHRISTMAS ISLANDNineteen 7” (captured tracks) – Without failure, Xmas Island consistently manages to have the worst album covers of anything I am currently listening to.

COLD CAVEDeath Comes Close 12” (matador) – Four songs, three of which are available as a download bonus on the Love Comes Close vinyl release.

DARK MEATWhen the Shelter Came 7” (emergency umbrella) – Pink vinyl, hand-numbered out of 300.

FLORIDAIcarus/Once Yr In It 7” (shdwply) – Comes with 3-D glasses, I couldn’t resist. Insert with lyrics, hand-numbered out of 300.

GROOMSRejoicer (death by audio) – Brooklyn trio, consisting of one esse from Dallas, use to go by the name Muggabears.

HORSE the BAND – A Natural Death (?)– I completely understand why my friends do not like this band. Oh well. Its good if you are into metal music that is insanely fused with math/Nintendo/disco time changes and bursting vocals.

JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN IIISteal My Mind 12” (certified pr) – Lead singer of The Golden Boys supported by four friends with some back up vocals by Shapes Have Fangs. Brown marble vinyl.

MALE BONDINGBrattwell Shed Punk Sessions/Ruff Demos (self) – Really rough recordings from UK punk trio; expect their Sub Pop debut to be crisp and clean.

MONOTONIXWhere Were You When It Happen? (drag city) – Monotonix is just better live, plain and simple… but only for 3 to 4 songs then everything sounds like shit because all the gear is scattered all over the venue and the drums are treated like beach balls.

PACK OF WOLVESBetrayer 12” (arclight) – Austin metal band’s debut release. Grey marble vinyl.

The PAINS Of BEING PURE At HEARTCome Saturday 7” (slumberland) – Green vinyl

REAL ESTATEAtlantic City Expressway EP – Five songs from NJ band featuring members of Ducktails. Playing around Midnight at City Tavern on 11/28.

The SLEW 100% (puget sound) – Busy holiday week, so I’ve only managed to listen to 37% of this album. Kid Koala on six turntables playing with the former rhythm section of Wolfmother.

TY SEGALLIt 7” (chocolate covered) – Four songs w/ d/l.

TY SEGALLSkin 7” (goodbye:boozy) – Italian 7” with four tracks. 300 pressed.

WHITE SHITSculpted Beef 12” (ppm) – “Bathroom Cop” and “Space Dust” mp3s.

WILD YAKS10 Ships (Don’t Die Yet!) (ernest jennings)– A split album of 6 studio tracks and 4 live songs. Makes sense to include the live tracks, since Wild Yaks put on crazy energetic performances.