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LISTEN: Stream Psychic Ills’ latest album, One Track Mind via Spin
READ: Pitchfork’s review of Psychic Ills’ One Track Mind
READ: Vice’s “We Saw This: Psychic Ills
LISTEN: Stream Holy Wave’s lastest LP, Evil Hits via Austin Psych Fest
Psychic Ills, Holy Wave, Symbol (2/20) @Dada

READ: Fifteen Questions with Caspian
Caspian, Junius, Things of Earth (2/24) @Dada

READ: 5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge: Part 2 with My Jerusalem
My Jerusalem, The Venetian Sailors, Johnny Beauford & The Jack Kerowax (3/1) @Dada

LISTEN: DL a new track from Pure X, “Things in my Head

WATCH: The So So Glos blast through “Son of an American,” Rolling Stone premiere
READ: Impose’s Bro Love,write up on The So So Glos “Son of American” video premiering on Rolling Stone
Pure X, The So So Glos (3/11) @Dada

LISTEN: Stream Alex Bleeker & the Freaks’ “Don’t Look Down

LISTEN: Broncho’s Daytrotter session

LISTEN+READ: Ducktails – “Letter of Intent” (DJ Sprinkles remix) and Ducktails announce North American spring tour via Pitchfork

LISTEN: Ducktails’ mix for Fact Magazine

WATCH: Parenthetical Girls – “Privilege Commercial, part IV.
WATCH: Parenthetical Girls Perform “Curtains” on a Decaying Oregon Riverboat on
READ: DC9 at Night’s This Week’s Top Show Announcements, which mentions our latest bunch of local adds to Spillover
Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, Broncho, Ducktails, Parenthetical Girls and more at SPILLOVER (3/17) @Sandbar

WATCH: Esben and The Witch – “When That Head Splits” video via Matador
Esben and the Witch, Heliotropes (4/10) @Dada

READ: The Fader’s interview with Jennifer Clavin of Bleached at Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony at NYFW
Bleached, Hunters (4/13) @Dada

READ: Radio UTD’s review of Elephant Stone’s latest self-titled album
Allah-Las, Elephant Stone (4/24) @Dada

WATCH: The Decibel Magazine Tour 2013 Official Trailer
The Decibel Magazine Tour ft. Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation (5/11) @Trees

READ: Impose’s review of Destruction Unit’s Void
Merchandise, Milk Music, Destruction Unit (6/4) @Dada


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