Relevant Links

READ: Decibel Magazine’s interview with Ben Ward of Orange Goblin
LISTEN: Decibrity Playlist: Orange Goblin
Orange Goblin, Holy Grail, Lazer/Wulf, Tricounty Terror (9/30) @ Dada

LISTEN: Download AM & Shawn Lee – “All the Love” via KUTX
AM & Shawn Lee, The Danny Church Band (10/4) @ Dada

LISTEN: Pinkish Black – “Ashtray Eyes” on GuideLive’s “The Local Playlist
Kylesa, Pinkish Black, Sierra, Protest, Dead to a Dying World (10/6) @ Dada

WATCH: Rock It Out! Blog’s video of Reignwolf performance and interview at Lollapalooza
Reignwolf, Descender, The 1969s (10/7) @ Dada

LISTEN: Download White Mystery – “Good Girl” which is featured on Awkward’s fall promo on MTV
White Mystery, Gal Pals, Drug Animal (10/22) @ Bryan Street Tavern
White Mystery Gal Pals, Pink Smoke (10/26) @ Rubber Gloves

READ: Karl Welzein (a.k.a. @DadBoner) on why he hates The Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” via The AV Club
@DadBoner Live w. Special Guest Matt Braunger & More, Clint Werth (10/24) @ Sons of Hermann

WATCH: Mellowhigh episodes 1-6
Mellowhigh feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Left Brain of Odd Future (10/24) @ Dada

READ: Stereogum’s interview with Crystal Stilts on their new album, Nature Noir
Crystal Stilts, Zachary Cale, Dark Rooms (10/25) @ Dada

LISTEN: Donna Summers – “Working The Midnight Shift” (Holy Ghost! remix)
Holy Ghost!, Midnight Magic, Orthy (10/26) @ Dada

LISTEN: Download Fairbanks – “Unkept”
My Iron Lung, The News Can Wait, Fairbanks, Downstairs (10/27) @ Sons of Hermann

LISTEN: Stream Spin’s “Album of the Week” Melt Banana’s fetch
Melt Banana, Retox, Pop. 1820 (10/8) @ Dada

READ + LISTEN: Read Drowned in Sound’s review of and stream 65daysofstatic’s Wild Light
65daysofstatic, Caspian, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die (11/20) @ Dada


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