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LISTEN: She Keeps Bees Mixtape for Under the Radar
Eternal Summers + Netherfriends + Bleeding Rainbow + She Keeps Bees (9/21)


WATCH: Mac DeMarco performing “I’m a Man” in Brookyln [via Yours Truly]

LISTEN: DL Mac DeMarco – “Freaking Out the Neighboorhood”
FREE: Mac DeMarco + The Birds of Night (9/22)


READ: Pitchfork’s review of Turbo Fruits’ Butter
FREE: Those Darlins + Royal Bangs + White Mystery + Turbo Fruits and more (10/6)


INDIE GOSSIP: Lower Dens get the own beer! [via Pfork]
Lower Dens + Jennifer Castle + Deep Time (10/16)


READ: Mutilation Rites’ Empyrean made PopMatters’ 20 Best Metal Albums of 2012
Skeletonwitch + Havok + Mutilation Rites + Protest (10/18)


READ: Pitchfork’s review of Woods’ Bend Beyond
Woods + Widowspeak (10/25)
WATCH: Kreayshawn on Jimmy Kimmel [via Prefix]
Kreayshawn (11/2)


READ: Pitchfork’s Guest List: King Tuff, in which he talks about his love of Hannukah and Chuck Bass, among other things.

READ: Pitchfork’s review of Sic Alps S/T
King Tuff + Natural Child + Sic Alps (11/4)


LISTEN+READ: Title Fight Break Down Floral Green: Exclusive Stream [via Spin]

LISTEN: Single Mothers’ Daytrotter Session
Title Fight + Pianos Becomes the Teeth + Power Trip + Single Mothers (11/13)


WATCH: Tim Heidecker at Comic Con [via Impose]
Neil Hamburger + Tim Heidecker + The Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser Yo-Yo Extravaganza + DJ Douggpound (1/11)


POF News: According to the Dallas Observer, the “Best SXSW Hangover Cure” = BRO FEST. Stay tuned to for news of next year’s post SXSW day fest.

Also, four, that’s right FOUR of our shows made the Dallas Observer’s Ten of This Week’s Big Show Announcements. To save you the trouble of actually having to read that, we’ll list them here.
1. FREE: Those Darlins, Royal Bangs, White Mystery, Turbo Fruits, Rayon Beach, Fungi Girls, El Paso Hot Button, LaBretta Suede and the Motel 6, Black Dotz, Hormones, Sealion, Spookeasy, We’ve Come for Your Daughter [Bryan St. Tavern’s Big F#*king Anniversary Show] (10/6)
3. Woods, Widowspeak (10/25)
And thanks to everyone who came to see OFF!, Negative Approach, and Power Trip at Trees Thursday night. If you haven’t already, check out these interviews with OFF!’s Keith Morris that Central Track and the Dallas Observer did. They’re quite interesting, to say the least.
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