Relevant Links

READ: Local Loop’s Q& A with Dave Hartley of Nightlands
Nightlands, Waterfalls, Eric Harvey  (12/4) @ City Tavern

WATCH: Power Trip performing in Russia
Power Trip, Iron Reagan, Mammoth Grinder, Windhand (12/16) @ Dada

WATCH: Perfect Pussy perform “3” at Pitchfork’s CMJ Showcase
Perfect Pussy (12/26) @ 3 Links

LOOK: Photos of Eyehategod performing in Brooklyn via Noisey
Eyehategod (12/28) @ Trees

WATCH: DARKSIDE perform “Metatron” at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris
DARKSIDE (1/30) @ Dada

WATCH: Those Darlins’ music video for “In the Wilderness” via Consequence of Sound
LISTEN: Those Darlins’ Daytrotter session
Those Darlins (1 /31) @ Dada

WATCH: Leslie and the Ly’s “No Pants Policy”
Leslie & the Ly’s, Dean and the Delilahs, Boone County Comedy Troupe (2/26) @ Dada

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