Relevant Links

READ: CMJ’s Q&A with Anna Fox Rochinski of Quilt
WATCH: Quilt’s live session for Portals
Quilt, The Birds of Night, Catamaran (2/21) @ City Tavern

WATCH: Julianna Barwick perform “Crystal Lake” live on KEXP
Julianna Barwick Vasillus, Myopic (2/23) @ City Tavern

WATCH: Leslie Hall play trapezoid on Fox2Now St. Louis
Leslie & the Ly’s, Dean and the Delilahs, Boone County Comedy Troupe (2/26) @ Dada

WATCH: Ice Balloon’s video for “Bridge of Total Freedom
Ice Balloons with Kyp Malone solo set (3/6) @ Dada

READ: “Melvins’ King Buzzo Discusses Bands that ‘Blew It’” with Alternative Nation
King Buzzo of the Melvins (3/11) @ Dada

LISTEN: Fenster – “Mirrors
Swearing at Motorists, Tweens, Fenster (3/11) @ City Tavern

WATCH: Dum Dum Girls performing “Rimbaud Eyes” on the Late Show with David Letterman
LISTEN: The Coathangers – “Springfield Cannonball
WATCH: Har Mar Superstar perform “Lady, You Shot Me” live on C à vous”
LISTEN: Japanther – “Do It (Don’t Try)” via Spin
We just added Single Mothers to the lineup which includes Dum Dum Girls, The Coathangers, Har Mar Superstar, Japanther and more at Spillover MF (3/16)

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