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cancer bats nme searching for zero parade of flesh new damage records spillover mf deep ellum dallas spillfm all them witches daytrotter spillover mf spillmf parade of flesh dallas deep ellum
READ: About Spillover in “The Pitchfork Guide to Festivals” (Note: There’s is a typo; the festival is on March 22nd)
READ: NME’s review of Cancer Bats’ Searching For Zero
LISTEN: All Them Witches’ Daytrotter Session
diarrhea planet infinity cat bully spillover mf spillmf  parade of flesh dallas deep ellum
READ: Alt Press’ “100 Bands You Need to Know” featuring Diarrhea Planet and Bully

young ejecta driftless spillover mf spillmf parade of flesh dallas deep ellum imposesick feeling spillover spillmf parade of flesh deep ellum dallas the fader
WATCH: Weyes Blood video for “Bad Magic” via The Fader
READ: “Discovering the Planet of Young Ejecta” via Impose
READ: “Meet New York’s Loudest Part-Time Punks: Sick Feeling” via The Fader

WATCH: Tweens​ perform at the Dr. Martens Store in Columbus, Ohio
Catch these bands and like 20+ more at Spillover Music Fest (3/22)!

pitchfork torche relapse records restarter dada dallas deep ellum parade of flesh moon duo sacred bones city tavern parade of flesh dallas dummy
READ: Pitchfork’s review of Torche’s Restarter
READ: The 10 best San Francisco tracks, according to Moon Duo via Dummy
Torche, Nothing, Wrong (3/11) @Dada
Moon Duo, True Widow, Holy Wave (3/15) @City Tavern

WATCH: Eula’s video for “Meadows
LISTEN: Eula x The Wild in the Mix
Birdcloud, Eula, Laura Harrell, Cale Tyson (3/16) @City Tavern

LISTEN: Big Business – “Into the Light” (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover)
Big Business (3/30) @3Links

marc maron girls hbo aeg parade of flesh dallas south side music hall
LOOK: at Marc Maron on Girls on HBO
Marc Maron (4/26) @South Side Music Hall

the body thou pitchfork thrilljockey You, Whom I Have Always Hated parade of flesh three links deep ellum dallas
READ: Pitchfork’s review of The Body/Thou’s split You, Whom I Have Always Hated
The Body, Full of Hell, Dead to a Dying World, Kallohonka (4/28) @3Links

LISTEN: Reptar – “Cable
Reptar, The Azalea Project (5/1) @Sons

the soft moon impose pop captured tracks parade of flesh dada dallas deep ellum
READ: “Week in pop,” co-curated by The Soft Moon via Impose
The Soft Moon, Skull Katalog (5/6) @Dada

WATCH: The Blank Tapes – “Tamarind Seeds”
Mystic Braves, The Blank Tapes, L.A. Witch, Heaters (5/7) @Sons

WATCH: Broncho perform for WNYC’s Soundcheck
The Growlers, Broncho (6/5) @Trees

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