Relevant Links

LISTEN: JEFF the Brotherhood – Global Chakra Rhythms
LISTEN: JEFF the Brotherhood – “Mary of Silence” (Mazzy Star cover)
WATCH: JEFF the Brotherhood – “Radiating Fiber Plane
WATCH: Diarrhea Planet in the Direct Auto Insurance Garage via Alt983
Our 7th annual Chrismukkah with JEFF the Brotherhood Diarrhea Planet Sealion, War Party, Psychomagic (12/4) @Dada

WATCH: Terror – “Sick and Tired
LISTEN: Code Orange – I Am King
LISTEN: Malfunction – Fear of Failure via Brooklyn Vegan
Terror, Code Orange, Take Offense, Malfunction, Blistered (12/12) @Tomcats

LISTEN – Saviours – Palace of Vision via Metal Sucks
Saviours, The Roller, Eagle Claw (12/16) @3Links

gilmore girls guys podcast stars hollow the guardian parade of flesh texas theatre dallas oak cliff
READ: “The Gilmore Guys: the podcast that dissects the Gilmore Girls piece by piece” via The Guardian
GILMORE GUYS LIVE: A Stars Hollow Town Meeting (12/27) @Texas Theatre

WATCH: Futurebirds – “Hotel Parties
Futurebirds (1/22) @Dada

WATCH: All Them Witches – “Dirt Preachers
All Them Witches (1/30) @Dada

WATCH: Alex G – “Brite Boy
Spillover (3/19-20)

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