Relevant Links of (the Last Few) Week(s)

Kool Keith - Tongue in Her Azz
For DLs, y’all! See Kool Keith’s Who Am I? with special guests The Weekend Hustler, Guerrillah Spit, and MC Sex this Thursday (7/26).


And apparently, Pitchfork can’t spell. But back to the important thing, See Psychic Paramount + Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things + The Black Dotz at LaGrange onAugust 1st.

AV Club review of Jaill - Traps
Read this. See Jaill with The Coathangers and Sealion on August 3rd.


Stream Fang Island's Major via NPR
LISTEN: Stream Fang Island’s Major [via NPR]
That’s right stream the whole thing!

BBC Review of Fang Island's Major via NPR
READ: BBC’s and Indie-Verse’s reviews of Fang Island’s Major
Oh, and maybe while you’re at it, read these. Oh, and then come see them with Adebisi Shank and Spacebeach August 16th.


LISTEN: Dunes – “Dirt” [via Impose]
Did you know, Dunes is opening for Shonen Knife and El Paso Hot Button on August 17th??



Another video! Better yet, come see him LIVE with Kirby Dominant, Playdough, and TyCity on August 18th.


Wiccans – Telepathy by Katorga Works

The only comment on this track on Soundcloud is “Oh yes, this rules@#$@#4” by Grizz Fang, who despite his weird username, knows what’s up. Wiccans plays with Lightning Bolt and Drug Mountain on August 28th.


So, correct behavior would be to stream this entire album legally, then buy it, then see Eternal Summers with Netherfriends, Bleeding Rainbow, and She Keeps Bees September 21st.


Don’t you just love when you can download tracks on Soundcloud? Grab this one by Teen (aka Teeny from Here We Go Magic), who is opening for Hospitality on October 21st.


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