Relevant Tracks

LISTEN: Stream Native’s new album, Orthodox
O’Brother, Native, Daylight, The News Can Wait (8/17) @ Dada

LISTEN: Stream Dead in the Dirt’s new album, The Blind Hole via Brooklyn Vegan
Rotting Out, Take Offense, MINUS, Relentless, Dead In The Dirt (8/17) @ Rubber Gloves
Harm’s Way Power Trip Dead In The Dirt Homewrecker (9/13) @ Sons of Hermann Hall

LISTEN: Gold Field’s remix of Chela’s “Romanticise”
The Adventure Club & Parade of Flesh present: Gold Fields, Rush Midnight, Night Drive (9/13) @ Dada

LISTEN: Dent May’s “Let Them Talk
Dent May, Dead Gaze (9/14) @ Rubber Gloves

LISTEN: Vattnet Viskar’s “Apex
Intronaut, Vattnet Viskar (9/16) @ Dada

LISTEN: Stream Spin’s Album of the Week: Diarrhea Planet’s I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Diarrhea Planet, The So So Glos, Not Half Bad (9/26) @ Dada


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