Review: Big Eyes / Occult Detective

Big Eyes / Occult Detective Club at J&J’s Basement
November 9th, 2011 in Denton, TX
By Squidney

Big Eyes (Seattle, WA) is a fairly new band, but already has some high expectations to meet. The band is made up of former members of well-loved bands such as Cheeky, Seasick and Hellhole, and they are signed to Don Giovanni Records with some of the biggest names in New Jersey punk (Screaming Females, The Measure [sa], The Ergs!).

Those high expectations are adeptly met by Big Eyes with fantastically poppy vocals and loud, inventive guitar riffs from Kate Eldridge, backed by hard, fast drumming and technical bass lines, resulting in an addictive pop-punk sound. They’re a small band with a big sound, and their live show had all of the energy and power you can hear on their recordings.

The show started with Denton-based Occult Detective Club (members of Stymie, Secret Bangs, Maaster Gaiden, Collick, ANS and many more). Their full-force power pop was an awesome start to the evening. They played loud and fast, barely pausing to sip on a beer between songs. I’m pretty sure the total amount of time between songs would be less than one minute. Occult Detective Club is one of the best bands in DFW, and their show was a great time.

Big Eyes is touring in support of their recently released LP, Hard Life (Don Giovanni Records).Occult Detective Club’s Crimes was released on Alive Records earlier this year.