Review: JESSICA 6

By Shifted Sister and Root Chakra

Wednesday night Brooklyn based Jessica 6 showed up in Dallas at The Door with what they needed to deliver their nu disco sounds. It was a healthy turnout for a weekday show and those who came out made the right decision. They started their set with “In the Heat” and immediately took over the audience. Nomi Ruiz, all glammed out, broke through to the Dallas crowd with her incredible vocal range and stage presence covering all grounds reenacting the performance given on their premiere album “See The Light.” Along with founding members, Andrew Rapasso and Morgan Wiley, Jessica 6 seduced the turnout with their sounds and their moves giving a performance worth seeing more than once. Forcing the crowd to enjoy and want more. Fun Girl, White Horse, and Prisoner of Love were a few highlights from their set, though it was solid from start to finish.

When Jessica 6 left the stage Eli Escobar went back to DJing various styles to keep the momentum of the audience going, which he did well by playing eclectic mix of styles from Jungle to World Beat to House and throwing songs in by artists like Hot Chip, which really kept the vibe of the room going.

Headlining for Jessica 6 was Brooklyn based Holy Ghost! a band that has definitely developed equity due to their heavy touring and ability to make people move. This is their fourth appearance in Dallas in about the last year and it’s obvious they have a strong fan base that continues to grow here. Playing songs like it’s Not Over and dropping Do It Again in the middle of their set, which seemed like perfect timing, had the audience moving. Holy Ghost! have perfected their 80’s electro-disco-esq-pop sound and it went from theory to proof during their performance. Towards the end of their set they played Hold on and due to the chanting of their name encored with a song that included Jessica 6. And the audience loved every minute of it. The only thing that would have made this an even better performance would have been to hear their recently released cover of Ministry’s “I Wanted To Tell Her,” but you can’t fault a band for not doing a song they just released, seriously a week ago. The main point that got across was whoever had the idea of these bands touring together definitely had the right idea. The pairing of Eli Escobar, Jessica 6, and Holy Ghost! for this tour couldn’t have been better.