Review: Toro Y Moi

by Christine Yu

I arrived at Dada to wait in quite a long line, not surprising since Toro Y Moi drew a huge crowd in Dallas the last time he/they came in March. Because of some set change arounds and the slow moving line, I missed seeing Bass Drum of Death (Bummer. Dada should really take a cue from the Granada and put their will call list on a computer. Take note! It would make the door move a lot quicker, and patrons would be happier!), but got there just in time to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra from the beginning. While UMO channeled some psychedelic vibes from the British Invasion, 60s, and 70s to play some great catchy pop songs, including their breakout hit “Ffunny Ffriends,” after a few songs, it became an unmemorable background to a crowd that was obviously only there to see Toro Y Moi. UMO did shake things up with their abrupt change to the bizarre sounds of, from what I could make out was supposed to be their song, “Nerve Damage!,” but at that point, it was too late to win the majority of the crowd back. All they wanted was “Toro Y Mas,” as the UT bros next to me were screaming. Toro Y Moi kept it fun and funky, playing their more upbeat material, mainly from their most recent album Underneath the Pine. It was exactly what the audience wanted. People were definitely enjoying themselves and having a good time But, as I often notice, there really weren’t that many people dancing, which completely baffles me! Last time Toro Y Moi played in Dallas, it was March (SXSW weekend), and like this time, the show was in Dada’s outside area, a perfect setting. But for whatever reason, the March show, though more laid back and “chill-waving,” really got the crowd going. People were actually dancing! In Dallas! Well, maybe that was just a fluke. Either way, Toro Y Moi put on the entertaining, high-energy show that was expected, and I think most would agree that it was more than enjoyable, so good show, Spune.