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Young The Giant at the Fashion Industry Gallery
November 16, 2011
By Squidney

The new Windows Phone is being launched, and the marketing team decided the best way to convert the iPhone masses was by hosting free events in major US cities with artists such as The Drums, Matt and Kim and Best Coast.

In Dallas, we got Young the Giant. Their set was about twenty-five minutes of inoffensive “indie rock”, but a group of dedicated fans were visibly enjoying the music. The stage was small, and it appeared most people weren’t there to see the band, so their fans were able to take pictures and talk with them.

Everyone else was at the Angry Birds photo booth and tweeting about the event to win free phones. Sure, it’s a promotional event- the tickets are free because they want to sell you stuff and tell everyone how cool this free show was. For these artists, it’s a really good way to reach a broader audience. The free food and booze was nice, but a longer show would have been better for the people there to see Young the Giant.