Saviours’ Seven Inches

I was going to list this in the Recently Acquired section, but I thought this deserved a separate entry.

Oakland, CA’s black metal act, SAVIOURS, released three seven inches simultaneously for their current tour which ends this week. Each vinyl is a different color and comes with a little bonus as well. The first is Acid Hand/Slave to the Hex on translucent white vinyl with a large Saviours’ sticker. The second is Burnin’ Cross/Fire in the Sky (Saxon cover) on translucent black vinyl and comes with a Saviours’ patch. The final of the three is  F.G.T./Running Wild (Judas Priest cover) on dirty grey vinyl with poster. Vinyl limited to 500 copies each. All three sleeves form one epic drawing by Tim Lehi. Saviours next full length is due in October. All three seven inches are available from the band, select indie shops or through Kemado Records.