Set-times: Saturday (two shows)

Two very special shows this Saturday night… a seated one with ISLANDS & IDIOT GLEE at Sons of Hermann Hall and at La Grange, Neurosis legend Scott Kelly and Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson. If you want to go to both shows, then please let me know and I’ll make that happen for the cost of one ticket.

Parade of Flesh presents . . .
Saturday, February 18th, 2012 – 8pm
9:50pm – ISLANDS (brooklyn/montreal)
8:40pm – IDIOT GLEE
@ Sons of Hermann Hall (seated show)
3414 Elm St.
Dallas, TX
Note: Capacity has been reduced to accommodate chairs
All Ages, $12 advance, $14 day of show
Tickets on sale frontgate tickets.
Facebook event.

MP3 via pitchfork: “This is Not A Song

A Sleep & A Forgetting “offers all the shimmering sonic textures and irresistible melodies that have come to define Islands enduring appeal, but there is a deeply personal cathartic undercurrent to the songs. “The sound is really my interpretation of soul music,” Thorburn offers. “I mean, I’m a white kid from Canada so it’s gonna be very warped. But that’s where my head was at, that particular way of dealing with themes of pain and heartbreak.” – anti-records


A very cool show with SCOTT KELLY of NEUROSIS and EUGENE ROBINSON of OXBOW & BLACK FACE. Eugene will start the evening off with some spoken word from his collected writings, transition into a solo set which then will become the portion of the evening with Eugene & Scott performing as a duo. To close out the night, Scott Kelly will play solo. Should be a special evening sans earplugs.

Parade of Flesh presents . . .
Saturday, February 18th, 2012 – 9pm Starts around 10pm or so…
SCOTT KELLY of Neurosis
EUGENE ROBINSON of Oxbow & Black Face
La Grange
2704 Elm St
Dallas, TX
All Ages
$10 advance tickets / $15 day of show tickets
On sale 12/9 at frontgate tickets
Facebook event.

Check out Scott Kelly’s blog We Burn Through The Night. Among kicking people’s asses, Eugene Robinson is also the author of books FIGHT (harper collins) and A Long Slow Screw (hydrahead/robotic boot). Read Eugene’s Top Ten albums of 2011 via