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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Shit list?

Dear Citizens,

Lately I have heard some nasty & untrue, yet funny stuff from certain people, so I thought to start a shit list… But to clarify, these people are not on MY shit list, I AM ON THEIRS:

Kara from Darktown Strutters@
Wes from Darktown Strutters (but mainly kara)
Melissa Humpries from Melissas Deluxe*
Wanz Dozer from ???? (too many bands to type)^
Shane English from his bedroom%
Courtney Guzman from Hotel Zsa Zsa#

@ – needs $50 for drawing 4 people and comping 3 of them to a show.
* – Please tell me what is ‘deluxe’ about this? Their vaginas?
^ – Wanz quote: “I am going to spit in (john’s) face, next time I see him” (Good luck with that!)
% – I have no clue why.
# – She killed someone while drunk driving, but got off. Our justice system at work. Her finest quote “I would rather be a murderer than a whore”.

Personally, I don’t have a shit list. I would rather just vent and be direct with a person than bottle it up and talk bad about them. If you bottle it up, then you create a worse scenario in your head. To each his own.

If I am on your shit list and you would like to be public about it, then please let me know or let someone else know (it will come back to me eventually).

Take Care Yall,