SHITTY BANDS NEED PRESS TOO by John of Flesh alt. title:  “When bands’ pussies hurt”

Hawk vs. Dove (who will be addressed as Hawk Vs. DUMB from here on out) seem to have a beef with me, since I did not mention them on ONE Facebook POST referencing a show last Thursday with Awesome Color & Hair Police.

First of all, Awesome Color and Hawk Vs. Dumb are SUPER good buddies, yet AC’s agent, forced me to place them on the Dallas gig with Hair Police. (I just had more noise oriented acts in mind for this show.) I guess their friendship isn’t strong enough for them to play in other markets, only Dallas. Anyway, the day AFTER the show, one of Hawk vs. Dumb’s band members decided to post this on Parade of Flesh’s facebook page, then delete it two days later after I responded and email his band.

Sean Butler: Way to not mention Hawk vs. Dove, who brought Hair Police and Awesome Color to Dallas, in the promo

I found this comment very provocative and misleading because I personally had to pay for sound, door guy, silkscreen posters and the band’s guarantee(s). Imagine that, I even had to sign a contract with Awesome Colors’ agent… so did in fact, Hawk vs. Dumb bring Awesome Color to town? I’m not sure why Hawk vs. Dumb didn’t just book and promote the show themselves? Perhaps Hawk vs. Dumb know how well they draw and were afraid of not being able to pay Awesome Color.

My email to Hawk vs. Dumb, immediately after seeing the comment: If you guys brought awesome color to dallas then why didnt you book it and pay them yourselves? just curious why you have the audacity to complain about a show two days later on my facebook page? instead of just emailing me.

This morning, I get this email from James of Hawk vs. Dumb:
its James (bass player) for hawk vs dove. let me begin by appolgizing for the comment on your facebook page (not sure what was written or whom in our band put it up) and while I am not the official spokesperson for the band, that should not be how we roll. I think the issue we may have had was how it seemed like such a big strech for you to have us open up for A.C and Hair Police. I understand this is a business (your invested $ wise and name) and to have a show that has a band like us ,as opposed to a band who already have a big following, make it difficult for you to give bands guarantees. I/we understand that.
I also think the comment (whatever it was) was made out of frustration. You really are the only game in town as far as putting on shows that are worth a shit, and then to have A.C. have to press hard to have us play (for a promoter we recomended), pissed some of us off. When A.C. told us they were coming through town (we had missed a previous date), their booking agent asked us for help finding venues/promoters. Our intial reply was Rubber Gloves and you. We had nothing but good things to say about you (aside from the sound at the lounge). It boiled down to their booking agent making the decision.
I think the only other issue we had was your response to us thanking you for having us play thursday. Again, we knew it was a demand, and that was what the thank-you was really for (putting us on the bill instead of another established act that could bring more $ ). But for your response to be indifferent, kinda put us off.
I’m pretty sure we burned a bridge with the comment, but again that is not how we should of handled the situation (we are not high school bitches and if we need to talk shit we will do so in person, not on some social networking site). I’m sure we wont be having drinks together anytime soon, but we wish you continued success with Parade and Us Two. Who knows, you may see us at one of your shows; gotta support the local scene. –jamz

My response: The comment was by Sean. And my post was not a thanks it was to promote two separate shows earlier that day. (Thursday). Then like a child Sean complained on my facebook a day later on the post that wasn’t even a thanks.
And why did he delete it if he has such a problem. Pretty pussy no?

And, this afternoon, I get this from Sean Butler:

I am in no way trying to get under your skin, or pick a fight. I did however have a few things on my mind. You can take them however you wish. First of all, I think as musicians and music fans, we share a similar passion for getting good touring bands to come through Dallas. This not only reflects positively on our music scene, but gives us a chance to hear and talk with people who have a greater, more diverse appreciation for what’s going on in the music world. However, Awesome Color are personal friends of mine and have been for a number of years. You are giving yourself a little too much credit by thinking your paying them is the reason that they stopped through. It was, in fact, our friendship. Also, they (Awesome Color and Hair Police and myself for that matter) were a bit confused as to why a concert promoter would book two shows in the same evening. I’m in no way claiming I know the ins and outs of your business, but on the surface it appears you created your own conflict of interests. Which, I would think, is bad for business. As a promoter your are also a representative of the city we live in, and the impression you left on most everyone involved was, at best, a detached aloofness. While money is certainly an issue for all touring bands, the reason they come back to Dallas is because they leave with a good impression of the city and the people who live here. Please feel free to e-mail me whenever you wish. I welcome the dialog and a contrasting opinion.

Sean Butler

My final response to Sean, James and Hawk vs. Dumb regarding this matter:
Yes, I absoutely hate having two shows on the same night. but it happened. the only time in three years i think.

Since both of you seem to care… if you, SEAN, werent ashamed of what you wrote then why did you delete it? Sean Butler
Way to not mention Hawk vs. Dove, who brought Hair Police and Awesome Color to Dallas, in the promo.

Okay so since Awesome Color and Hair Police came to town for you… Then feel free to paypal me money at since you think you ran the show. Please reimburse me for Sound, Door guy, promotional posters and the band’s guarantee less the people who actually paid versus the majority who was comped. You should honor your word since you did so much to bring awesome color to Dallas.

let me know when you want the total…


Granted, it is completely juvenile posting this dialog of emails… but I needed an improper way to vent out in the open because these dudes got their pussies’ hurt because they assume I don’t like their band. Honestly, I could give a fuck about their band, I just had stronger, more proper acts for this particular show. It’s not a big deal in my eyes, but after all that has transpired, Hawk vs. Dumb should have booked the show themselves.  Creating drama out of nothing is an amazing task.

Update May 4th:

Sean still has stuff to say that I don’t care about:


I deleted the Facebook post because I decided a public forum is no place to air private grievences.  Not out of shame. As for the rest of your email, I have no response. I feel everything I needed to say was clearly stated in my previous email.   I will take the high road on this one and leave it at that.