Show Review: The Antlers at Mohawk

by Weijia of Death

The Antlers opened for Au Revoire Simone on 6/6/09 at Mohawk (Austin, Texas). Hopsice, the Brooklyn-based band’s debut LP, extols the body’s physical and mental afflictions, reverentially suggesting that it is through these human conditions that one feels alive. Lyrically, The Antlers concentrates on stories of illnesses of the body and the mind, but shimmering musical accompaniment offsets the gloom; the overall effect is both sad and uplifting. Performing live, The Antlers have a surprisingly dynamic sound for their relatively small band; the singer’s voice recalls a restrained Win Butler (of Arcade Fire), and the swelling percussion and wailing guitar effects contribute to a grand atmosphere that seems impossible for just three musicians to attain. Highlights from the show include the opener “Bear” and “Two.”