Sunday’s Set-times & Preview: THEE SILVER MT ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA & The Angelus

“Prisoners of Hope”
by Drex
Thee Silver Mt Zion Orchestra is complex. An off shoot of post rock, multi-media heroes Godspeed You! Black Emperor they have operated under a half dozen different monikers since their founding in 1999. Often lazily lumped into the post-rock scene their music, almost by design, defies categorization and has been described as everything from chamber-drone to ambient-punk. Their influences range wildly from Eastern European and Jewish folk, classic rock, free jazz, and hardcore punk. The lineup for the band has evolved continuously since their inception and instead of forming the players to a pre-constructed musical formula their organic, free-form approach to song development allows them to mold their music to the players they adopt. Initially a purely instrumental act, electing to use sample based voiceovers in the same vein as GY!BE they have transitioned into using vocals and more traditional song structures. It is a real wonder then that through the consistent flux that they seem to operate in there has been a constant, purely emotive quality to there offerings. Lyrically they lament the current state of world all the while projecting an inner optimism about our future. Musically their sound is initially dark, foreboding and apocalyptic but there lies and undeniable silver lining to their work. A thread of hope and resiliency that truly defines their sound and I like to believe their greater outlook. SMZ’s aural scope will take the listener from the darkest corners of our social construct and psyche to victorious, cathartic crescendos and then back again. This music can be tough to love and can be intensely challenging but the payoff can be overwhelmingly beautiful. Thee Silver Mt Zion Orchestra play Sons of Hermann Hall on Sunday, February 12th. Accompanying will be Denton’s own The Angelus who bring there own brooding brand of spook folk to open.

Parade of Flesh presents . . .
Sunday, February 12th, 2012 – 7:30pm
8:15pm – The Angelus
@ Sons of Hermann Hall
3414 Elm St – Dallas, TX
All Ages $12 advance, $14 day of show
On sale here
Facebook event