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  READ: whatsupwhatson’s interview with White Fang and Ouch, My Ego’s interview with Fungi Girls White Fang, Fungi Girls, Sealion, Howler Jr. (4/4) @ 3 Links   LISTEN: Iron Reagan’s Decibrity Playlist for Decibel Magazine and Occultist’s “Path of the Damned” on CVLT Nation’s Blackened Everything Vol. X Iron Reagan, Occultist, Steel Bearing Hand, Tricounty […]


Fresh off our annual Spillover event, we have IRON REAGAN (mem. of Municpal Waste, Mammoth Grinder, ex-Darkest Hour) coming back to Dallas. They are bringing with them OCCULTIST. Parade of Flesh presents . . . April 7th, 2014 – 8pm IRON REAGAN & OCCULTIST at Three Links – 2704 Elm St – Dallas All Ages […]