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Ten in 2010

TEN in 2010 – A traditional year-end best-of list, featuring guests writers.

I casually asked a few associates for their best albums of the year, “10 or so with words or without.” No rules really. These compiled lists provide genuine fodder for my website during the holiday lull. They will go up when I get them, till the end of the year, starting with mine. Enjoy. (click the tag at bottom of article to read all entries).

City: Dallas
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Also: Does some good stuff on occasion through Paradeofflesh.com

My list for 2010 isn’t necessarily about “the best albums of the year according to me”, but the most . . . the most listened to, appreciated and relished. Albums that make you want to be in their band. Ten or so:

#! And #@
DAUGHTERSDaughters (hydra head) & FANG ISLANDFang Island (sargent house)
Drama in Providence, RI. I don’t think this is the last we will hear of Daughters. Daughter’s Daughters is too sick not to continue on, despite losing a vital band member to Fang Island, who also managed to release a completely epic album in a polar opposite musical form. While Fang Island dips into motivational tunes fitting for an infomercial or an incredibly passionate church, Daughters released a gripping hard-hitting album; infusing the finest components of everything they’ve done in the past.

CRYSTAL CASTLESCrystal Castles 2 (fiction) & Celestica EP (polydor).
Crystal Castles could lure non-electronic fans, if the harsher elements on the re-worked tracks, originally from the 2004 Doe Deer EP, “Seed”, “Insectica” and “Mother Knows Best”, now on the Celestica EP, became a mainstay of their overall sound. Crystal Castles 2 is just as dense and compelling as S/T, almost a continuation, but after seeing them live again this year, it added a more dominant and sexual sentiment to the albums based on Alice Practice’s stage performances.

TY SEGALLMelted (goner)
Seasoned Southern California garage popster’s most outstanding work yet, all while sounding like he’s having a blast!

NAILSUnsilent Death (six feet under)
A14-minute metal driven grindcore musical assault. The great thing about an album so brief in length, you get to listen to it over and over again, craving more. Unsilent Death is so fucking awesome that Southern Lord repressed it this December.

DISAPPEARSLUX (kranky) – Chicago garage, at times kraut rock “supergroup” featuring members of 90DayMen, The Ponys, BOAS and now temporary drummer, Steve Shelly of Sonic Youth (who is replacing Graeme Gibson). LUX’s follow-up, titled GUIDER (kranky) is eagerly standing by with a release date slated for January 17th, 2011.

TERA MELOSPatagonian Rats (sargent house) – I still stand by what I wrote about Patagonian Rats, back in August: This math-jazz punk assemblage has been on daily rotation upon receipt; especially the tracks “The Skin Surf” and “Frozen Zoo”. Initially, I listened to Patagonian Rats in its entirety to absorb what this Roseville, CA trio was trying to accomplish. Going through a myriad of lineup changes since their inception, did not deter Tera Melos from creating one of the most experimental, yet cohesive, math & jazz infusions this year.

BEST COASTCrazy For You (mexican summer)
Imagine a girl in her panties, sans bra, singing this album to you and you will like it. No, you will love it.

Not the most traditional album from BJM, but leader Anton Newcomb, was never known to be. Since released on his own “A Records”, I’m sure he’s happy “the man” is not taking away from him anymore.

CLASS ACTRESSJournal of Ardency 10” (terrible)
Um, what’s up with all these chick albums I’m listening too? What the fuck is wrong with me this year? I feel like a poseur.

DRUNKDRIVERDrunkdriver LP (self?)
Exceptionally heavy guitar driven wall of sound that is grueling on the ears and perfectly brute. This makes up for me listing all the chick bands. Too bad this band is over and done with.

Australia’s Eddy Current Suppression Ring is a garage rock band appreciated more after witnessing them live. Talented members managed to improvise, jam and extend songs all while leather gloved lead singer (who also, at times, improvises lyrics) runs in, around and throughout the crowd. I caught and filmed them on their first two nights of their U.S. tour in Austin & Memphis. Not sure what happened to the edited video… GARY I’m speaking to you!!

LOVE IS ALLTwo Thousand and Ten Injuries (polyvinyl)
Okay, I’m really sorry. Another chick-led band, last one I swear. They are Swedish, is that an excuse?

The HOT RATSTurn Ons (g&d)
What’s left of Oxford, England’s Supergrass couldn’t come up with anything original, so the duo released an album of covers that are pretty damn good.

UPDATE (12/22):

I was cleaning up my notes and realized I fucked up and didn’t include HARLEM‘s Hippies (matador)… Hosted these Austin-by-way-of-Memphis humorists twice this year, both to great crowds and relentlessly listened to some of their awful covers all year long!! Hippies is so much fun to listen to and will always remind me of Rachel!! Miss you lady!