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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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The Coathangers – Scramble + MP3

The COATHANGERSScramble (suicide squeeze) – Atlanta’s all girl party punk band, The Coathangers, without doubt, matured on the 2nd record. Scramble is just as clever and delightful as S/T (rob’s house), but overall it leaves a darker impression and is more indicative of personal letters teetering between crushes and hatred. As a band, the ladies have definitely improved into solid musicians, even incorporating a bit more flare in their abilities. The instrument swapping and vocal trade offs continue, as does the cheerleader like echo chants. MP3 of “Stop Stomp Stompin” (courtesy of Suicide Squeeze).

The Coathangers departed for tour about 2 days ago and will be making their way through Texas next week, and Dallas for SXSFlesh on Sunday March 22nd. This will be the third or forth time for me to host the Coathangers. They are party live and I always have a blast hanging out with them. You will not be disappointed.

A year ago, at pastime tavern:

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