The HOTRATS + mp3

The HOTRATS Turn On (G & D/fat possum) – Gaz & Dan, half of late-90s UK alternative act Supergrass release 12 covers of bands ranging from Beastie Boys & Sex Pistols to Gang of Four & Roxy Music. Turn On is obviously what ‘turns these guys on’ or at least influenced them. Honestly, I haven’t really been interested in any Supergrass album since 1999’s Supergrass (parlophone) but this could garner fans they’ve lost over the years. If you were ever a fan, then you know their first two albums were brilliant and never got stale. Turn on is a great party album and conversation starter. Here is an mp3 of their rendition of the Beatles “Drive My Car“, which is not on the my version of the CD I have; and neither is “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys, so if anyone has it, please let me know because I’d love to hear it.