The JESUS LIZARD setlist 7/14/09 + pic

Wow o Wow, David Yow! THE JESUS LIZARD at Lollapalooza was a memorable show to attend when I was a scrawny 75lb Fourteen year old.  I don’t recall specifics from their set, except that Yow manhandled me a few times and let me scream into the microphone.  I told him this story last night and his response was “Did you know we toured with Bush? You know them? Can you believe that?”

Two friends and I drove to Nashville on Tuesday to see The JESUS LIZARD’s first US show in over 10 years.  With festival slots announced and club dates starting to pop-up for the Fall, The Jesus Lizard will reclaim their notoriety for intense and confrontational live shows. David Yow relentlessly ‘swam’ over the crowd and was unstoppable the entire time; you forget he is 48 years old. The band, consisting of all original members, played 21 songs in about an hour and 30 minutes, including the four-song encore. To top off the night, the very humble and appreciative band drank and socialized with patrons at the Goldrush Bar, across the street from the venue, EXIT/IN. I am genuinely looking forward to their Fun Fun Fun Fest appearance, later this year in Austin.

THE JESUS LIZARD setlist at Exit/In – Nashville on July 14th, 2009.
Destroy Before Reading”
Mouth Breather^
Blue Shot~
Killer McHann*
One Evening*
Then Comes Dudley^
Chrome (Chrome cover)
Monkey Trick^
7 vs. 8*

Fly On The Wall”
My Own Urine*
Dancing Naked Ladies+
Wheelchair Epidemic (The Dicks cover)

* off of HEAD
^ off of GOAT
+ off of LIAR
“ off of DOWN
~ off of PURE EP
> off of LASH EP

Note: There was a crew of bros taping, (stage right, rear of stage, center balcony and two on each side of the crowd).  Hopefully the show will be released on DVD in the future; for those who cannot wait, I will upload a video or two from the show soon. I filmed about an hour’s worth of the set from the staircase (stage right).