POFTX – Dallas, TX

123 Main Street, Any Town, NC 12345
(919) 555-1212

POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


The Locust: setlist & video

Setlist for The Locust at The Door 01/18/08:

We Have Reached an Official Verdict
Solar Panal Asses
Wet Dream War Machine
23 Lubed Up Schizophrenic
Hot Tubs Full of Brand New Fuel
One Manometer Away from . . .
Recyclable Body Fluids
Live from the Russian Compound
The Unwilling . . .
X Mas Pig
Book of Dot
Safety Second
Tower of Mammal
Kill Roger Hedgecock
Cattle Mutilation

here is a clip of Kill Roger Hedgecock & Cattle Mutilation (I think)