The Nightmare is no mas

The short-lived Dallas venue, The Nightmare is no more; they abruptly are closing their doors on Nov. 30th.  I am very excited about the bad news because it encourages me to be more creative in where I place shows. Also I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with The Nightmare, although the identity of the club was never established in it’s short time. While it was run smoother since taking over the nightmarish Lounge on Elm St.; essential things were not done (such as logos, signage, advertising, consistent promotion, free shows and weeklies) to help build up a bar’s name.

Parade of Flesh shows will be moved accordingly; heavier stuff to Phoenix Project, small shows to The Cavern and larger stuff to Club Dada and Sons of Hermann Hall; as well as a few mixed use spaces that I have planned this winter (i.e. Unstoppable Death Machines/XRY on Jan 18th).  I will also be using Rubber Gloves on/off, from March onward, but that was already set up before hearing this news.