The SPITS & NO BUNNY Dallas + mp3s

Seattle’s The SPITS, who play catchy, over-modulated punk and sing about sex, drugs and doing hood rat stuff, will be stopping in Dallas on their way to this year’s Chaos in Tejas in Austin. Their tour support will be NO BUNNY.

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 – 8PM
The SPITS – Seattle
NO BUNNY – Oakland
Leg Sweeper
at Lounge on Elm St
2810 Elm Street
Dallas, TX
All Ages
$10 for 21+, $13 for under

The Spits: “Live In A Van” & “School’s Out


The Spits are a Seattle-based punk musical group. Currently, the band has released four* albums, all officially self-titled but unofficially titled 1, 2, 3, Vol. IV released by Nickel and Dime Records, Slovenly Recordings, Dirtnap Records, and their own label Thriftstore Records, respectively. They have also released one 7” single, 19 Million A.C., and a split 7” with The Briefs, both on Dirtnap. The band describes itself as “Punk for the People”, and focuses on loud, noisy, and dirty punk rock. Band members frequently appear in costumes on stage (e. g. graduation robes, reagan masks, or toilet paper “mummy” costumes), and focus on the dirty, low-budget sound and presentation of garage punk.