this FRIDAY, NOV. 2nd, the year of our lord 2007

WITCHCRAFT (Sweden)/SAVIOURS (Oakland) /Vorvadoss (Dallas)
at Double-Wide Bar 3510 Commerce St. 75226 Doors at 10PM $8 cover 21+ only.
This will be later than our normal shows, but come the fuck on its a friday night; so live a little.

We have not had a metal show in a while, so this should be a really great time and a good fit for Double-Wide. Both touring bands are making a stop in Dallas before their Fun Fun Fun Fest gig(s) in Austin on Saturday and Sunday. They both made an appearance on last year’s amazing metal compilation INVADERS released by Kemado Records; which had tracks by bands such as Big Business, Danava, Dungen, High on Fire, Pelican and The Sword. Swedish doom-metal band Witchcraft are out promoting their new full length album, “The Alchelmist” (Rise Above Records), and an upcoming split 12″ EP with Austin’s The Sword (avail. from Kemado in mid-Nov). Oakland metal band Saviours are pushing their “Cavern of Mind EP” (Kemado Records); if you enjoy the nostalgia of HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, then you will have a keen interest in Saviours (For fans of early Metallica, Judas Priest and Slade).

Also, Witchcraft encourages audio and video recordings, just as long as you give them your contact info.


15min of Shame with this weeks guest: PRINCE WILLIAM
at Monkey Bar 408 Exposition 75226 at 10PM Free cover 21+ only.
Prince William will take over for me a little after 11PM, so I can go ‘enjoy/handle’ the show at Double-Wide.

No worries kids, half of the next few show will be 18+. Future show info will be posted sometime next week.