THOU vinyl

When the boredom of this sweltering hot summer forced hibernation this month, I went on a scavenge for THOU vinyl. While THOU’s entire discography is available in mp3 format on their website, I still sought out any of their vinyl that was possibly available. The artwork, packaging and overall effort put into THOU’s releases is impeccable. The majority of their releases are split 12″s with fully printed artwork, liner notes and lyrics on inner jackets and more.

THOUBaton Rouge, you Have Much To Answer For 12” (robotic empire) – Gatefold w. fully printed inner sleeve; transparent red vinyl. Nirvana cover of “Sifting”.

THOU/BLACK SEPTEMBERThrive & Decay SPLIT 7” (gilead) – Small poster and fully printed sleeve on inside and out. Download card and poster as well. Red vinyl, limited to 1000 copies. Clear red vinyl.

THOU/The CITY Is The TOWERDwell in the Darkness of Though and Drink the Poison of Life SPLIT 12” (init/hyperrealist) – Fully printed sleeve and cover of Agents of Oblivion’s “Paroled in ‘54”. 200 red vinyl, 800 black vinyl.

THOU/HAARPReincarnation Prayer SPLIT 7” (mirror universe) – Sleeve is also a booklet/zine. Red vinyl.

HUMAN INTRUDER/THOUA Faire Quarrell Split 7″ (dead earth) – Yet again with meticulous packaging. Three panel sleeve, with lyric. Black vinyl

THOU/LEECHWe Pass like Night, From Land to Land SPLIT 12” (gilead) – Gatefold w. silkscreen poster and patch. 750 copies on white vinyl.

THOUPeasant 12” (level plane) – Full insert.

THOU/MOLOCHTears that Soak a Callous Heart SPLIT 12” (perpetual motion machine) – Printed inner sleeve and clear vinyl.

THOU/MOHORAM ATTAthe degradation of human life SPLIT 12” (halo of flies) – Repress on 550 copies on salmon colored vinyl. Minor Threat cover of “Screaming At the Walls”

THOU/SALOMEOur Enemy Civilization SPLIT 12” (Vendetta-GER) Full artwork.

THOUTyrant LP (southern lord) – Remastered debut, reissued by Southern Lord in 2009. Out of print 12″ that comes with a 12(?) page booklet created by the band.

Updated on 9/10/10