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Top Ten by Aaron Barker

Ten in 2010: I casually asked a few associates for their best albums of the year, “10 or so with words or without.” No rules really. These compiled lists provide genuine fodder for my website during the holiday lull. They will go up when I get them, till the end of the year; which started with mine. Enjoy. (click the tag at bottom of article to read all entries).

Aaron Barker
City: Deep Ellum, Texas
Band: Aaron Barker
Also: Part-time writer and full-time drinker.

Artist – Album (label) – “Aaron’s Favorite song”
1.  Ty Segall – Melted (Goner) – “Girlfriend”
2.  Harlem – Hippies (Matador) – “Pissed”
3.  Flight – Lead Riders E.P. (Zoo Music) – “Turns To Blood”
4.  Leg Sweeper – E.P. – “Sexy Weekend”
5.  John Wesley Coleman – Bad Lady Goes To Jail (Goner) – Ooh Basketball
6.  The Fresh & Onlys – Play It Strange (In The Red) – Until The End Of Time
7.  Hornet Leg  – Still Life (Stankhouse) – Sounds
8.  Darktown Strutters – E.P. (Restore) – Quakertown
9.  Heavy Cream – Danny (Infinity Cat) – Heart Of Darkness
10. Woven Bones – The Minus Touch E.P. (Zoo Music) – Some Call It A Grave