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Total Abuse’s Tour canceled

Austin/Brooklyn/Oakland HC act had their current tour canceled.

Straight from the band:

flo is canceling our tour because our driver has had disagreements with us. disagreements based upon:

1. not washing a dish at one show
2. a member peeing in a corner of a squat while drunk
3. members of the band arguing with each other after a window was broken in the van (we paid for the repair)
4. the fact that we argued with our driver fab about the fact that he left a door unlocked in the van (on purpse…to “teach us a lesson) and then a bag was stolen
5. we overreacted and after he had said “i don’t care what happens to your stuff”… i asked him if he stole the bag.

this is all that occured. our driver did not like a member of the band. we did not abuse our driver in any way. we never cussed at him, hit him or screamed at him. there was tension because he did not like the band.

at EVERY show we have been nothing but gracious and kind to people. if anyone wants to ask the promoters of previous shows that will speak for itself.

no promoter has had ANYTYHING negative to say.

we want to play these UK shows. because our driver does not want to drive us we are being FORCED to drive to berlin, return the van and then wait 2 weeks for our return flights to the US.

if anyone has a place for us to stay in berlin please let us know. we have no way of living in berlin until our flights.

we have talked to flo on the phone about the fact that we have no money or place to stay in berlin and he told us to “deal with it”.

this is a crazy and serious thing.

i promise we haven’t done anything that warrants the canceling of our tour and having no where to live for 2 weeks until we leave.

if anyone can help us please email at brooksrkelley@gmail.com

all our shows have been INCREDIBLE and positive. thanks so much to all the people who cooked for us, let us stay at their place and booked the show. i’m sorry this had to end. we are all CRUSHED.

i know many people hate me online but i am not being melodramatic or lying. we are about to be homeless in berlin.


Email them if you think you can help on these dates:
Jun 5 2010 tba London, –, UNITED KINGDOM
Jun 6 2010 tba Newcastle, UK
Jun 7 2010 The Packhorse Leeds, UK, UNITED KINGDOM
Jun 8 2010 Buffalo Bar Cardiff, —
Jun 9 2010 the big takeover london, –, UNITED KINGDOM
Jun 10 2010 Hafenklang Hamburg, —
Jun 11 2010 Cafe Lorenz Munster, Germany
Jun 29 2010 The Grrrrnd Zero Lyon, france, FRANCE

UPDATE: Response from Flo:


unfortunately i have some bad news for you.

Today i have decided to cancel the rest of the Total Abuse tour.

I will write a longer statement with all involved people like their driver,the guy
we rented the van from and the guy who provided the backline.

There have been problems between the band and the driver from the
beginning.They tried to discuss the problems and thought they would be able to
manage things somehow and to let the whole thing finish without massive trouble.

Well,yesterday the band accused the driver of stealing the drummer’s backpack.They
reckoned the drivers intention for acting like this was to score off the
drummer,because of the tensions between them….well,this summarizes a long story
really bad and way too brief,but all of us decided this can’t be true and was a
reason to let the whole thing end right away and not to tolerate some band members
really disrepectful behaviour anymore.In the end it was obvious there was no way to
continue the tour and let you deal with that kind of band.

well,some of you might think some dispute between band and driver can’t be enough to
cancel the rest of a tour,but i think it is and there happened some other fucked up
things.The tours i have booked are based on trusting and respecting each other and
during this tour it didn’t work out at all.

I feel really sorry for the work,time and effort you put into this and i think this
is the first tour ever i had to interrupt and the first one with massive trouble
after a break of five years or so….hope you understand.

Like i said a longer statement will follow.

if you have any further questions feel free to ask me about details.I just moved and
won’t have internet for the next two weeks,but will try to answer asap.

thanx so much,sorry again,talk soon,Flo