POFTX – Dallas, TX

123 Main Street, Any Town, NC 12345
(919) 555-1212

POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


Two new shows at TREES!!!

Two heavy punk-metal-hardcore oriented shows are coming through in May and June… and both at Trees.

AXE TO FALL Tour – Saturday, May 22nd – 7:30PM
CONVERGE – Epitaph/Deathwish inc
COALESCE – Relapse
GAZA – Black Market Activities
BLACK BREATH – Southern Lord
Ages 17+
$  – tickets on sale NOW at http://treesdallas.frontgatetickets.com

Hardcore underground Boston punk band, CONVERGE headlines the AXE TO FALL World Tour… on their 8th album?, they continue their abrasive and extreme energetic sound. Joining them is a reformed COALESCE, who released two stellar albums late last year to mark their triumphant return. GET THERE EARLY FOR SEATTLE’S BLACK BREATH… their new album completely slays.

The Southern Summer Burn Tour – Friday, June 18th – 7:30PM
Four Days to Burn
Ages 17+,
$- tickets on sale now at http://paradeofflesh.frontgatetickets.com

BLACK TUSK (relapse) & ZOROASTER (e1 music) and DARK CASTLE (at a loss), with local guests: Maleveller and Four Days to Burn

BLACK TUSK is a Savannah, GA metal trio recently featured in SPIN Magazine in December 2009. ZOROASTER is another Georgia metal trio, this time from Atlanta. DARK CASTLE is a male/female duo who have played in Dallas numerous times.