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The What Cheer? Brigade Review

I don’t recall the last time I wrote a ‘review’, but I felt obligated due to the awesomeness of what I witnessed last night at Good Records.  More shows should be fun like this. More bands should be nice like this.

The WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE at Good Records on March 9th, 2011:

By far, the most surprisingly splendid live acts that I have had the pleasure of randomly booking; they were so good that they actually made Bare Wires seem a little dull (although they definitely are not). The lively energy of Hardin’ Sweaty and the Ready to Go transitioned well for The What Cheer? Brigade’s set.

Mainly playing private parties in the Northeast, this Providence, RI big brass punk rock marching band was in our area for a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans the day prior. The current line-up of 17 band members (five of which are original) started the show as they sloppy marched towards the store’s Astroturf stage. Immediately wild, by starting their set with an Iron Maiden cover. The horns and drums were so lively that people were dancing on stage before the band completed their first song. Throughout The What Cheer? Brigade’s set, band members scattered themselves around the store all while in energetic unison. They ended their set in the parking lot with an exciting cover of “13 Monsters” by Lightning Bolt (also from Providence). The chaos of having so many people on stage and running around playing instruments reminded me a lot of Athen’s Dark Meat. I hope to have the pleasure of hosting them again in Dallas. Shows like this are a prime example of “why I do” Parade of Flesh.