You, go live in Atlanta

Part two in a series . . .

Hotlanta, ATL etc.. yeah, it ain’t just crunk hip-hop from Outkast,Ludacris and garbage produced from janet jackson’s new midget spouse, jermaine dupri.

Some would argue that it takes just one to create a movement, but in Atlanta it takes four (maybe five). The players are as follows: Bradford Cox of Deerhunter / Trey Lindsay of Rob’s House Records / Cole Alexander of BLACK LIPS / Henry Ownings of CHUNKLET and whomever runs Die Slaughterhaus.
All of the above offenders have been building a garage and party-punk music scene in Atlanta, GA for over the past five years and not until 2006 did the major publications start paying attention. Leading the way:

ATLAS SOUND (see Deerhunter)
BLACK LIPS (Vice, but releases on all the above record labels)
CARBONAS (Die Slaughterhaus)
the COATHANGERS(see below for video)
DEERHUNTER (see Atlas Sound)
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men

refer to: whirlyball, criminal records and…
“We Fun: Atlanta, GA Inside Out.” a film set to be released in the near future.


Extra: Footage I shot of Black Lips at Beerland in Austin in 2003, featuring their second guitarist, Jack Hines, who has since been replaced by Ian Saint Pé.
the Black Lips “Stone Cold”

Here are two videos I shot of the Coathangers, when they played at Pastime Tavern this past Thursday.
“Parcheezzi” (off their S/T debut album)

“Shake Shake” (off their 7″ from Suicide Squeeze)