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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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You, go live in Louisville, KY.

Part One in a series profiling random Cities with stellar music.

Besides the Kentucky Derby and Wildcats basketball, I have never heard anything about the state of Kentucky, let alone Louisville. But lately, the string of vicious bands trickling out of this city of only 300,000 is amazing. There has been an aggressive metal and punk music scene developing in Louisville over the past few years that people should pay attention too, yet simultaneously be envious of.

The catalysts spawning this movement was triggered in 2005 with the temporary reformation of 90’s indie-rock pioneers SLINT and the deterioration of hardcore metal band, BREATHER RESIST. Both these acts have integral members (or solid connections) to the follow bands, which are leading the current crusade:

BRAIN BANGER (Hawthorne St.)
COLISEUM (Relapse)
DEAD CHILD (Quarterstick)
LORDS (Jade Tree/Cold Sweat)
YOUNG WIDOWS (Auxilary/Jade Tree)

Also refer to: BLACK CROSS, KING KONG (Drag City), MOUNTAIN ASLEEP, Pusher and XERXES

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