Ten in 2010 by Daniel Huffman

Ten in 2010: I casually asked a few associates for their best albums of the year, “10 or so with words or without.” No rules really. These compiled lists provide genuine fodder for my website during the holiday lull. They will go up when I get them, till the end of the year; which started […]

Parade of Death: Leslie Nielson

“Don’t call me Shirley…” Leslie Nielson, iconic comedic actor, who always poked fun at himself (and his films) passed away on Sunday. Listen to the audio version of his autobiography; it’s the tits!

Parade of Death: Ari Up

Okay, yesterday I joked “it comes in threes” first Mr. C, then Bob Gucionne, now Ari Up of the SLits. FYI, John Lydon of Sex Pistols/PiL fame is her stepdaddy. Source: Washington Post.

Parade of Death: Bob Guccione

First Mr. C, now Bobby G; it comes in threes, who will it be, next. PENTHOUSE magazine’s sleazy founder, BOB GUCCIONE, died in PLANO (a Dallas suburb) today. He lost a battle with Cancer. Channel 8 News said he cleared around Four Billion Dollars during his reign at Penthouse.

Parade of Death: Robert Schimmel

Robert Schimmel, who is best known for TV FUNHOUSE (animated SNL shorts) and his stand-up comedy, died on Friday from injuries sustained in a car wreck a week ago. Source: Time Update: thanks weshotjr.  The dude was hilarious.

Parade of Death: Terrible Twos

Detroit’s TERRIBLE TWOS have broken up; which means they are canceling the entire forthcoming tour. I think “remaining members” indicates one or two dudes bolted.

Parade of Death: PONYTAIL

Baltimore “Fine Arts” punk quartet, PONYTAIL have called it a day. Fantastic live, Ponytail released their last album, Ice Cream Spiritual on We Are Free in March 2009. Always exuding an energetic performance, in May 2009, I had them play at the Cavern and witnessed their awesomeness a few times during SXSW. R.I.P. Source: IMPOSE