Parade of Death: Ace McNeely

FUCCCCCCKKKKKK This one hits home. Ace McNeely, soundman of City Tavern died in Austin late yesterday/early today. I found out roughly at 5PM today with the details; but waited till the word spread before posting anything online.  I worked with Ace for over 2 years on shows at City Tavern and he was always hospitable […]

Parade of Death: Mayyors

Yesterday, Chunklet posted a great article on the short lived San Franciscan band, Mayyors. RIP. One of those bands that ‘was cooler’ because they didn’t have a website.

Parade of Death: Makh Daniels (of Early Graves)

Lead singer of Early Graves, indeed met an “early grave” when their van flipped this morning.  Vocalist Makh Daniels passed away in Central Point, Oregon. San Francisco’s Early Graves has been constantly on tour and just released Goner (ironclad) in June. Via lambgoat and KTVL.

Parade of Death: The Paper Chase

Initially, Parade of Death was to solely mention noteworthy folks who pass away, but . . . . . . word on the street today is Dallas based indie-rock band, The Paper Chase has called it quits after a solid decade. Quite baffling that these dudes were on Kill Rock Stars.  I know they are […]

Parade of Death: Manute Bol

From time to time, I will honor the fallen with a “Parade of Death”.  This time, Sudanese basketball player, one-time boxer, Manute Bol. I grew up watching this lanky giant. Source: Washington Post.

Parade of Death: Gary Coleman

Man he had such a shit life. What a way to go; seizure (aka a diff’rent stroke), then brain hemorrhage and taken off life support today. Dana Plato (Kimberly) from the show is dead too, so I guess Todd Bridges (Willis) is next. I’ve seen every episode of Diff’Rent Strokes and even sung the theme […]

Parade of Death: Paul Gray (Slipknot Bassist)

Oh, how much you know I dig bands that wear masks:  Bass player of Slipknot was found dead this morning.  Source (lambgoat).  Click the link for classless comments from lambgoaters.

Parade of Death: Ronnie James Dio

People have been circulating rumors of Ronnie James Dio death but thus far the only confirmation is from  his facebook page. Not sure what to believe yet. Update: He died late Saturday/early Sunday Morning.