Interview: VIDEO (denton band)

here is an interview with Denton’s Video: By transBLENDER When I go see a concert, especially one with acts of unfamiliarity to me, I treat it as if I’m a child in the make-a-wish foundation. Allow me to explain. In this unlikely and hypothetical event, I’m dying of a benjamin button disorder or something, and […]

Interview: Grass Widow (kill rock stars)

Interview with GRASS WIDOW by transBLENDER I missed seeing Kill Rock Stars alums Grass Widow play at SXSW, and goodness knows how many times they played, so really I have no excuse. I am in regret of that decision now. I’ve been listening to their LP “Past Time”, and though it reminds me of bands […]

Interview: Tjinder Singh of CORNERSHOP

by transBlender CORNERSHOP have been around before I knew what an amp was, and have been on my radar since fifth grade, when I saw them on tv and was confused about why I was enjoying their music mash up of trippy nostalgia and rock smarts, but accepted it. That was around when they released […]

Interview: TV GHOST

by transBLENDER Rarely do bands make me think “what the fuck” in a positive light. Usually when that thought process occurs, my inner monologue says “Why was this made. This was a waste of studio time.” Then I promptly give myself a lobotomy. Indiana’s TV GHOST first caught my attention when I was walking by […]

Interview w/ El Paso Hot Button + mp3

Mickey Reece, aka El Paso Hot Button, has managed to churn out solo, dissonant punk rock in the vein of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion meets Arab On Radar for the past 5 years, all while dealing with baby momma drama and being cursed with looking “like a young Paul Newman”. El Paso Hot Button’s newest […]

Interview with MI AMI

Interview conducted in January with Mi Ami. Their debut album, Watersports, is being released February 17th on Quarterstick. The first single Echononecho is already available. Mi Ami’s members are: Jacob Long (bass), Daniel Martin-McCormick (vocals/guitar) and Damon Palermo (drums). Jacob & Daniel were part of the legendary, short-lived, Washington D.C. Dischord punk band Black Eyes. […]

INTERVIEW: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth & Pterodactyl (videos)

Interview with two-sevenths of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and one-third of Pterodactyl. Maybe in time I can interview the other five members of WDRTE. In January, I conducted an interview with George Dishner and Jesse Hodges, dueling lead singers of Austin grunge ensemble: WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH. Currently they have an EP on Emperor […]

INTERVIEW: The Soft Pack; ex-The Muslims (video)

Interview with Matty McLoughlin of The Soft Pack (formerly known as the Muslims). This interview was conducted right after Thanksgiving, but I have been too slammed to put it up on the web. Parade of Flesh: First obvious, almost obligatory question:  Why the abrupt name change from The Muslims to The Soft Pack; and any […]